Healthy Hearts goes into second year of National League Funding

Healthy Hearts at Ivy Bank 2

 Healthy Hearts Workshop goes into its second year of funding from the National League

After a very successful first year of Funding 

The programmes aim is to help primary school children to understand the need to be Healthy & Active and to give consideration to looking after their heart for years to come. We would broaden their understanding of the function of the heart and how it changes with exercise while Introducing ideas of good & bad considerations for the heart and suggest ways to improve performance and maintain a healthy heart into adulthood.

This programme runs thanks to the grant support from our partners at; The National League Trust, The Premier League and Adelphi Healthcare Solutions Group (Bollington).




 Example of the workshops are as follows:

During curriculum time we will deliver Healthy Herat workshops that last around 3 hours. This will include a classroom-based session followed by a practical session.

Working with a class from Years 4, 5 or 6, chosen by the school as a class with the greater need or requirement for this type of activities. (Perhaps the class includes children with weight or health issues).

We will work with that class across 6 weeks, which will include Workshops, activity sessions and follow up visits.

Heart fact presentation. Investigate types of exercise.

Develop a greater awareness of their hearts and how they work.

Fun Trivia Q & A game, Team Challenges and the 5lt fluid Strength challenge (replication the weight of blood in the grown adult).


Takeaway docs:

How can you make physical activity part of your daily routine

What can you do to eat heart healthy

Keep track of what you eat (inc a food diary)

Keep track of your exercise (inc an activity diary)

Participate in an exercise session with Trust coaches.

Stressing the benefits.

Creating a fun environment.

Investigate what happens to the body when exercising.

Investigate and analyse how the body recovers after exercise.

Collect evidence by making observations and measurements (record pulse rate etc.).

Children/parents will be asked and encouraged to fill in their food and activity diaries and send back to us. We hope that this will help to support them to stick to a healthy lifestyle and have the right balance of exercise and healthy eating.


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