EFL Day of Action a Success!

Tuesday 19th March 2019 was the English Football League’s (EFL) official Day of Action. Across the country, EFL Clubs in the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two have been running activities to highlight a diverse range of social issues, from homelessness and mental health, to community cohesion and reducing plastic pollution.

We decided to run a Premier League Primary Stars Tournament at the home of The Silkmen – The Moss Rose – between three year 6 classes from Ivy Bank, Puss Bank and Marlborough. The game they played in the tournament was ‘Score Zone’, this is an invasion game made up by the Community Coaches at Macclesfield Town Community Sports Trust as part of our Premier League Primary Stars sessions – a free six week PE initiative for schools.

The main aim of the day was for the children participating to enjoy it, every participant received a certificate and gained the experience of playing some form of sport on The Moss Rose pitch. Ivy Bank and Puss Bank finished the tournament tied with 3 wins each. Each team played each other twice with some really good throwing and catching skills being shown off. Marlborough, despite not winning a game, were still in high spirits and kept battling towards the end and in their final game scored their highest number of points for a game.

‘Score Zone’ is a game similar to netball, players are not allowed to move with the ball otherwise it’s a turnover in possession. The score zone is made up of flat disks as a rectangle and a hula hoop in the middle of it – you score by a teammate throwing the ball to you in that zone, if you catch it in the hoop it is 5 points and if you catch it anywhere else in the zone it’s 1 point. Defenders are not allowed in the area and there can only be 2 attackers in the score zone at one time, if a defender goes into the area – a penalty free throw is awarded – this is taken from the halfway line!

The EFL Day of Action was a great success nationwide and will have been viewed globally! Junior Football Coordinator Kyle Lord, who also organised the Primary Stars tournament said:

“It’s been a great day, having the year 6’s down and giving them a break from their preparation for their SATS. The participants were a great, spirited bunch and everyone had smiles on their face which is what you want on days like this. The weather was great for us too, and we managed to get onto the Moss Rose pitch and enjoy the Day of Action. Hopefully, the Silkmen will survive and we’ll be doing it all over again next year!”


You can also get involved via Twitter, if you have any pictures from today’s tournament you can tweet them to @mtfccst using #EFLDayofAction

You can also see a few shots from the Day of Action below!

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