Healthy Hearts Project Summery

Healthy Heart Sessions

Our two year healthy hearts funding comes to an end. 

After two fantastic years of support from The National League Trust and Adelphi Healthcare Solutions Group our funding for our Healthy Hearts Project comes to an end. 

Our Healthy Hearts Programme was about educating children in years 4,5 & 6 about being healthy and living an acitive and healthy lifestyle. We did these by using a variety of activites ranging from quizes, physical activites and also hands on activities where children were able to study the inside of a heart and also they were able to use a stethoscope to listen to their friends heart beat. 

Through the funding we managed to work with over 470 students accross 18 sessions. 16 sessions were based at schools and two sessions took part at the football club. 

With the support of the PFA (Proffessional Footballers Assosiation) we were able to have some of the Macclesfield Town First Team players visit our sessions which was a massive hit with the children at Beech Hall School. 

Player Appearance at Healthy Hearts Session

With the support of the National League Trust and Adeplhi Healthcare Solutions group we were able to make these sessions accessible to all and also a huge success in the Macclesfield and cheshire east area. 

We would like to offer our thanks to the National League Trust and Stuart Cooper, Alison Geary and Michelle Foden at Adelphi Healthcare Solutions Group for their continued support throughout this programme. 

End Of Grant Review

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