Carehome Project

Macclesfield Town CST care home project started  in 2011 with a grant allowing us to go into care homes for free and run fun exercises for the residents. The sessions were well received and when the funding period ended many of the carehomes stayed on and continued activities with ourselves. Our longest serving carehome is Parkmount which we have been going into once a week for the last five years!

The aim of the sessions is to get the residents active whilst sat down in their aim chairs. We do so by using soft footballs, bean bags and cones for a variety of games. (see video below to get a better idea)

Community Coach Josh Hawkes;

Since the project began it has always been successful and has gathered interested year on year. All the residents who partake in the activities always have a smile on their face. We always get positive feedback from every care home. All the staff and work experience pupils have a smile on their face when they leave and its one of our most rewarding sessions” 

Josh and his colleagues have been coming to Parkmount care home for 6 years and the residents love their company. They make sure that all residents are involved and never leave anyone out. The activities are good and appropriate for the residents to take part. They are always positive and don’t make the residents feel bad about themselves if they are unable to complete a task.

Tracy Challis / Parkmount Carehome

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