Healthy Heart Project

Macclesfield Town Community Sports Trust are happy to be continuing to run the Healthy Heart Project for the second year after a very successful first year. The Trust is partnered with ‘The National League Trust” and ‘Adelphi Health Care Solutions’ who help fund this project and make it a free initiative for schools. 

The Healthy Hearts is a free initiative for schools and it is aimed at children in years 4,5 & 6. The sessions run between 10am-12pm. During the sessions, the children will complete quizzes, drawing activities, strength challenges and also physical activity. The children get to pretend to be doctors and are able to use a stethoscope and listen to their friend’s heartbeat.  


Thanks for your recent visit. Y6 loved it. They enjoyed the physical activities and the challenge of working out their heart rate.

The classroom session was informative but the quiz was their highlight. They really tried hard to learn the facts for their team. The visual of the water to show the weight of the blood will stay with them for a long time.

Thanks for coming,

Julie White, Y6 teacher

Thank you for your visit to Whirley today. The children really enjoyed the activities, particularly the quizzes on the heart. They clearly learnt a lot from the session and loved having the opportunity to be a Doctor and listen to each other’s heart beat. The outdoor activities were great and allowed the children to take part in exercise and have fun.

Issac, who you awarded the certificate to, was particularly worried about the session before you arrived. However, he had a fantastic time and was thrilled to win your award. Thank you!
Hope to see you soon,
Claire Harbottle

Thank you for your recent visit to Whirley to deliver the Heartbeaters session to the year 6 class.

We had the session in our year 6 class at the end of the last academic year and so were happy to have you back. I was really pleased with the content of the session as it fits perfectly with the year 6 science curriculum unit on the human body. The additional theory work added since the last time you visited was great as it gave the class more learning. The session in the classroom was very interactive and the activities maintained the attention of the children. All 3 presenters were excellent, engaging the children well. Outside, the physical activities were again engaging and very much enjoyed by my class. Overall, they benefited from the relevance of the session content as well as receiving the message about the importance of regular exercise.

I would be very happy to recommend you to other schools and look forward to you visiting our year 4 and 5 classes in the future. Thank you!


Steve Herd

Year 6 Teacher

Whirley Primary School