Little Strikers Programme

Little Strikers started around four years ago with the aim to get as many young people interested in sport as possible. Since then it has grown massively and has got hundreds of children aged between 2 and 4 interacting in a sport at some level. 

The sessions run for between 15 to 30 minutes and are based on imaginative play. These are football based activities which cover all the main kinaesthetic movements. Sessions are suitable for children aged 22 – 32 months and 32 months – 60 months.

Each session is fun and varied keeping the children fully engaged at all times. We can provide session plans for a full term at a time for the nursery/pre-school to use for planning purposes.

If you would like our community Scheme to come to your Nursery or Pre School then please either email or phone 01625264686

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St Albans Pre School

Little Strikers has supported the children in developing in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It has nurtured team skills, self esteem and confidence to try something new through a range of fun and varied activities. The children have shown a progress not only in their physical but also their social development. This has been due to the great leadership  and professionalism shown by Josh and his team on a weekly basis. The sessions are well organised in a way that makes them accessible to children of all abilities.We highly recommend Little Strikers as we have seen all of our children benefit from taking part.

Elaine Mercer / Head of St Albans Pre School

We have been running little strikers football sesions in term time since Easter 2016. Our Children have learned lots of listening a physical skills. The coaches relate well to the children and make the sessions fun and always come prepared with lots of equipment. The star  play of the week has been a big success, with the winner getting a certificate and a medal. Excellent value for money

Krista Wright / Hilltop Day Nursery

Little Strikers follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYS), we continually focus on the prime areas of development. We have found the classes to have greatly contributed to the Children’s physical skills and also their listening skills by often working as a team. 

Katheryn Davies / Manager Worth Pre School