Our Little Strikers programme runs in Pepperberry from Sweet Peppers to Grand Peppers.

Little Strikers started around four years ago with the aim to get as many young people interested in sport as possible. Since then it has grown massively and has got hundreds of children aged between 2 and 4 interacting in sport at some level. 

The sessions run for between 15 to 30 minutes and are based around imaginative play. These are football based activities which cover all the main kinaesthetic movements. Sessions are suitable for children aged 22 – 32 months and 32 months – 60 months.

Pepperberry Little Strikers

Each session is fun and varied keeping the children fully engaged at all times. We can provide session plans for a full term at a time for the nursery/pre-school to use for planning purposes.

We run our little strikers programme at Pepperberry Nursery every Thursday Morning between 10 –

11:30. If you are interested in having your child attending our Little Strikers session then please talk to someone at Pepperberry Reception! 

Please view the video below of our Little Strikers sessions at Pepperberry