St Albans Pre School

Wednesday 12th July marked the final session at St Albans Pre School for our little Strikers. During the year the pupils have learnt loads of different football skills and games. 

As it was the final session our coaches brought each student who attended little strikers a medal and a Certificate with picture of them on. This was a fantastic way to finish off the year of little strikers with St Albans. 

Lead nursery coach Josh Hawkes had this to say about Little Strikers 

” Little Strikers has been a very successful activities at nursery’s and Pre-schools like this one. Its been a great year with the children and the staff and coaches have noticed how the students have progressed and grown in a short space of time. It was a great touch to end the sessions by giving out certificates and medals to every pupil.  This is something we are going to be doing in future sessions at other nursery’s and Pre-Schools we look forward to re starting at this Pre school next School year!” 


Elaine Mercer Head of St Albans Pre School 

Little Strikers has supported the children in developing in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It has nurtured team skills, self esteem and confidence to try something new through a range of fun and varied activities. The children have shown a progress not only in their physical but also their social development. This has been due to the great leadership  and professionalism shown by Josh and his team on a weekly basis. The sessions are well organised in a way that makes them accessible to children of all abilities.We highly recommend Little Strikers as we have seen all of our children benefit from taking part”

Little Strikers is aimed to get young children involved in football at a young age.
These sessions run for between 15 to 30 minutes and are based around imaginative play. These are football based activities which cover all the main kinaesthetic movements. Sessions are suitable for children aged 22 – 32 months and 32 months – 60 months.


If you are Interested in having Little Strikers in your nursery or Pre School then dont hesitate to contact Josh on 07984934567 or email him on 

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