Roary at Worth Summer Fair

Roary the lion and Josh Hawkes from the CST was a guest at Worths’ annual Summer fair. The aim of the summer fair is to raise money for the school and currently due to money raised they have started to get a new roof on the school! 

One of the most popular stalls at the fair was “Beat the keeper with roary the lion” which over all attracted over 110 individuals who tried their best to beat Roary. If they managed to beat score past Roary 2/3 times they won a big prize of either a football or a Manchester United scarf which was kindly donated to the school espically for the event.  

Roary the lion

Jenny Turner (one of the event organizers) had this to say about the summer fair. “It was a fantastic event which raised alot of money for the school. Josh was excellent at engaging with the children taking part and giving them plenty of encouragement throughout. Roary the lion was a big hit! He gave out lots of high fives cuddles as well as saving some of the goals too! Due to them it made this game very popular and successful. We will be definitely be asking them back!”  

Josh Hawkes (Community Officer)

To be involved in an event like this was fantastic everyone including the parents seemed to have a smile on their face. We saw a range of ages come and try to beat Roary with mixed success! The prizes that were donated to the school was a fantastic addition to the stall and made sure kids left with  a smile even if they didn’t manage to beat Roary. With the assitant of some year 6 pupils this was a very successful event and we are looking forward to the next one!”

A massive thank you to all the staff and Year 6 pupils at Worth who made this Summer fair a great success. It was also fantastic to see so many of the children who come to our after school come say hello and see whats going on. We look forward to being apart of the next fair that Worth put on! 


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