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Digital Skills Workshop 

This funded National League Trust project works with all different target groups, where we aim to help people overcome barriers and gain new skills and confidence.

This is achieved via a variety of ways such as increased digital skills, experience within the world of work and helping with social cohesion..

As part of this project we offer alternative provision which is Monday – Friday and it takes place at Macclesfield Town Community Sports Trust. The people who attend are aged between 13-16 years. We have recorded media snapshots of the courses in action 


at the sessions and also collated feedback from schools about their students. 

Some outcomes have shown it has Improved school attendance, academic achievement & long term improvement in forecast for GCSE results. 

We’ve also delivered school Workshops and enrichment activities including the added football session which we started recently. Generally these activities take place at Macclesfield Town Football Club, Out in the community and also some Classroom based activities.  We record data by taking photos, videos and also interview the young people that we come across. See some of the short videos below.


The Community Sports Trust cannot function without the valuable support from the National League Trust, The Professional Footballers Association and other partners including the Premier League. Look out for more new projects in the pipeline.

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