National League Trust Cheque Presentation

National League Trust Cheque Presentation

Community scheme secure charitable funding from the National League Trust

This new service is targeted to positively address health issues such as obesity, lack of physical fitness, and mental wellbeing on a very local level. This Programme is a ‘Place-Based’ programme and is only to be delivered in areas which have been identified by The Cheshire East Council Public Health Service in partnership with the Communities & Partnership Team. These are areas as identified as having the of most need.

The overall aim is to reduce health inequalities, build community capacity and increase access to services. We aim to do this by building an empowered and resilient community, thus encouraging more personal responsibility and independence whilst increasing community involvement, engagement and coproduction.

More about the National League Trust

The National League Trust supports community programmes at clubs who are members of the three divisions of the National League.
The National League Trust provides support in the form of grant aid and development advice and aims to encourage every National League club to become involved in their community.
The grant aid programme is made possible by the generous support of the Trust’s funding partners: the Premier League and the Professional Football Association. Since October 2010 both bodies have committed annual support as part of a three-year funding agreement. From September 2016 this will be £1.2m each year for a further three years, bringing the total contribution to the charity to £8.7m.

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